Ryan Wilkerson

My name is Ryan, I was born and raised in the great state of Texas, more specifically from Dallas! I am a recent A&M Grad with a degree in business. I’m passionate about music and people, which lead me to become a DJ. Nothing makes me happier in life than when a group of people start dancing together to a song. Music is so special to me and has gotten me through a lot of difficult times, as well as happy times.

Don’t be surprised if you see me start dancing either behind my DJ booth or actually out there on the dance floor. Having fun is second nature for me.

What separates you apart from other DJ’s?

I am highly outgoing, personable, and overall just fun to be around. I am always dancing to music, whether it’s just with tapping my feet or snapping my fingers, or actually getting out there on the dance floor and showing some moves.

The biggest thing that sets me apart from other DJ’s is that I show sincere care for YOU more than the music. Although music is important, it’s you that I show my attention to first and foremost. Whether it’s a corporate event, school dance, or your wedding, YOU will feel important, cared for, and confident in how I provide my service.


Describe your style as a DJ?

Engaging, upbeat, modern, and fun. BUT, I also have grandparents that enjoy dancing so I can cater to any age level in regards to music taste.

Side note, I love country and EDM both. Not something your typical DJ is about.


Why did you become a DJ?

Music is something that can instantly change an individual’s emotional state almost immediately by just the first few seconds. As a DJ, I get to visualize and initiate that, and nothing brings me more joy than seeing a group of people dancing together by a song and forgetting about every worry in the world. What more could anyone ask for??


What is a random fact about yourself?

Food is my second passion and I can eat A LOT. One time I ate 66 wings from Wingstop in one sitting in under 30 minutes. What did I win you ask??? Nothing. But it was totally worth it so that I can tell people I did it.

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