Rob Max

What separates me from other DJ’s is:

I am very outgoing and very eager to meet new people. I always like to keep the party going and raise the level of energy. I will go above and beyond to make everyone happy and have the time of their lives.

My style as a DJ:

My style can range from country, polka, dance, oldies, to just about any type of music that has ever been produced.  I am a very interactive DJ, and jump on the dance floor with the party.

Why I became a DJ:

I became a DJ because, I enjoy helping people have the time of their life with the music that I play. It makes me feel great, to make someone else feel good. Music has been apart of my life since I was 7 yrs old.

A random fact about myself:

I used to be a dirt track race car driver. I also use to be a professional sound engineer and worked for some big name artists.

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