RICK JACKSON – Best Wedding DJ in Dallas

What makes you Unique as a DJ?
My background in music performance (bands) and performance voice studies …..my ability to put my personal tastes in music aside and play all types of music. (that the client requests)

Why do you enjoy working at Complete Music?
Meeting new people and forming new friendships…..know that I’m making people happy.

What is your #1 goal at a dance?
To make sure that the client is satisfied and that everyone has a fun time.

Why do you enjoy performing at Weddings, Schools, Corporate Events?
At all of these functions, people are in a good frame of mind just because of the type of function. I enjoy being around happy people.

How would you describe your DJ personality/style?
Flexibility is the key to my style. I can be as outgoing or as mellow as the event and client need.

What is your favorite DJ memory?
At the end of each and every wedding reception, seeing that smile on the bride and groom’s face, and seeing how happy they are.

What is the funniest thing that ever happened at an event?
The groom went in for the garter removal and got “stuck!”

What is your proudest moment as a DJ?
DJing my own son’s reception before he left for Iraq in the service of our country.

Why do you like performing at weddings/dances?
Everyone is always in a great frame of mind, and the occasions are always so joyous.

What is your favorite party song?
It varies, depending on on the crowd, the age of the group and the musical taste of the client.

What sets you apart from the other DJs, or what are your specialties?
My specialty is putting the client and their guests at ease.

What are some of your personal accomplishments (scholarships, memberships, etc.)?
College graduate, successful in business, song writer, musician.


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