Nate Dudley – Best Wedding DJ in Dallas

I got started because I love music, dancing and I love people. I have been in the Customer Service industry for a little over 11 years and I really enjoy working with people and effecting their life in a positive way. I always look for the positive side of things and I don’t let things rattle me. I strive to make things run smoothly and to make them be the best they can be while making sure everyone is enjoying themselves. I realized real quickly in my career that it is not about what I want or how I want to do things, it is about you and making sure you get everything you want in your event. I love taking requests to let you and your guests run the night or I can easily play different genres to keep the night fun and exciting for everyone. I can either hit the dance floor and turn up the energy or just letting the music play if you are looking for low energy. I really look forward to making your event the best possible or your wedding night unforgettable.

What is your favorite dance song? The Wobble

What are your specialties? Dancing, bringing energy to the party, interacting, and being easy to work with.

Why did you become a DJ? I am outgoing and I love to convince others to get up and join the party. I think it is a privilege to be a part of a couple’s special day and to see them have the best night of their lives.

What sets you apart from other DJ’s? I love to get on the dance floor, hop in the middle of dance circles, and I bring a lot of energy but I do not steal the show. I’m quick on my feet and adapt easily to change. I am really good at bringing high energy or just letting the music play if you are looking for a low energy DJ.

What is your number one goal at a dance? My number one goal is to make sure you are happy.

What is a random fact about yourself? Karaoke and Dancing are probably two of my favorite things.



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