BEN LEWIS – Best Wedding DJ in Dallas

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I grew up with a family full of media entertainers. Starting at a young age I worked for a small family owned radio station (WBBZ) and as I grew older started DJing in 3 nationally acclaimed country western bars. While managing a country western club I worked on getting my broadcasting and sound engineering degrees. After college I moved back to North Texas to expand my career in music.

I would describe my personality as outgoing and energetic, yet soothing to my guests. I enjoy doing whatever it takes to put a smile on a person’s face. The proudest moment for me as a DJ is knowing at the end of the night I did a job above and beyond what the client had expected. I love performing at wedding receptions because it is a bit of a task – most of the time you have a diverse crowd and I enjoy the challenge of making everybody happy. I enjoy incorporating icebreaker songs into my mix such as “The Wobble” and “The Cupid Shuffle” to get a crowd going. If that means I have to get out on the dance floor and teach grandma how to do the wobble I am completely happy with that. I have a very strong emphasis in country and rock, but I am familiar with all types of music. When given an event I always strive to meet the needs of the hosts expectations in any way possible.


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