Alvin Achterhof – Best Wedding DJ in Dallas

I am 36 years old living in Wylie, TX with my wife and 2 year old daughter. I have been a DJ since 2001 starting back home in Michigan performing in bars, clubs and Karaoke shows. Since moving to the Dallas area in 2007 I have been with Complete Weddings as a part time job performing primarily weddings and have loved it since. I take pride in my work and knowing that my expertise assures a fun and successful event.

What separates you from other DJ’s?

My knowledge of all different genres and ability to incorporate them together seamlessly throughout the night. I believe my past experience with the bars and Karaoke makes me very approachable and personable, while my past experience in the clubs gives me the ability to keep the energy high from reading and feeding off the crowd.

Describe your DJ style?

Professional, knowledgeable, outgoing and enthusiastic, but not overbearing. I am confident enough in my music choices to not feel the need to perform games, although I have the training to do so if that is what you are looking for to keep your guest entertained. I’m very adaptable to my clients, so I like to tell people to tell me what kind of DJ you are looking for instead of me telling you what kind of DJ I am.


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