Alexander Frausto – Best Wedding DJ in Dallas

How would you describe your personality?
I describe myself as outgoing, friendly, professional, courteous and fun.

What makes you unique as a DJ?
There are two things that make me a unique DJ: 1.My voice. Being an ‘ON AIR’ DJ taught me to listen to my own voice and how to tune it so everyone can not only just understand what I’m saying but how I can make everything sound very exciting! 2.My observance. Being able to observe the crowd or situation and make changes to the style of play, style of music or pace of music: for example (spanish to english or vice versa).

Why do you enjoy working at Complete Music?
Complete Music is a professional, respectful and well known company. With that, the cliental the company draws makes it easier and more enjoyable to work for.

What is your #1 goal at a dance?
My #1 goal is to make sure EVERYONE is dancing and having a good time! Why do you enjoy performing at Weddings, Schools, Corporate Events, etc. It brings back memories in a personal sense, so it’s makes it that much more enjoyable to see everyone having a wonderful time for their future memories.


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