Why Now Is The Best Time To Book Your Wedding Vendors in the DFW!

So you just got engaged, congrats! That was the easy part. Now it’s time to tackle the mission of creating your beautiful wedding day. This will take time, effort, and a team. This team can consist of a small group of you and your bridesmaids or a elite force of family members and vendors. The important thing is finding the right vendor that fits your needs for the day you envision.

January through March is a great time to book your vendors because this is when their calendars get created, dates are filled and deals are made! Most vendors offer huge discounts for booking your wedding with them early, so take advantage of this time!

Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are great places to see the latest trends in Weddings. You can also follow certain vendors to see how the work  behind the scenes and what they produce. Wedding Planners also fill their calendars at this time of year. You will be surprised how affordable day of planners can be. Start here and you can benefit from the relationships that most planners already have with vendors here in the DFW Metroplex.

Out of all of these options, Bridal Shows are the equivalent of Black Friday at Christmas. Smaller shows may not have as many vendors present but this gives you the opportunity to actually talk with the vendors and get a feel for them. Bigger shows have more to offer as far as selection but just won’t be as intimate. Either way most vendors offer deep discounts at the show to earn your business and get another item checked off of your list. The longer your engagement, the more options you will have, so if you are getting married in under a year, you should start your search the day after that ring goes on. Take advantage now in the slow part of the season so your big day will be everything you imagined and more!

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Your wedding, your photography.

When deciding on a photography service for your wedding, one thing you have to take into consideration is the cost of the pictures themselves AFTER the wedding is over! You could be paying loads more when returning from your honeymoon just to get your hands on the top pics of your wedding night. This is one of the most frustrating things about weddings, and the fact that it hasn’t changed is most surprising.

At Complete, we give you a signature release of all your photos, so that you won’t be paying a dime more for your pictures. In fact, we give you a signiture release of all your photos. This means that you’ll legally own all the pictures taken on your wedding day. The signiture release is included in all Complete weddings + events photography packages.

Not only will you legally own all of your photos, but we give you the best ways to view them as well. We’ve partnered with N-Vu, an online photo gallery that allows you to view all of your photos online, as well as let all of your friends/family view the pictures online. Everyone with a log in can easily access this gallery and download any picture they’d like. In addition to the online gallery, we give you digital copies of all your pics with a hard drive loaded up with all your pictures. We make sure to give you all your pictures in digital format so that you can print them, share them, or do whatever you want with them! After all, they’re your photos!

Just because we don’t force any products on you that you don’t want/need doesn’t mean we don’t have products to offer. In fact, we have many photography products to offer to anyone who’s interested in saving their pictures in some sort of physical format. We have many different photo albums, canvas prints, and many other ways to display your wedding pictures. We don’t force you to buy anything once your wedding is over, but we DO offer some very great looking products to you if you’d like to get your hands on them.

There are numerous things about Complete photography that we believe makes us the best option for Dallas/Ft. Worth wedding photography, but we can only tell you about them in bits and pieces at a time! For more info on Complete photography, click here! We offer a few different packages and have many different photographers to choose from for your wedding!

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Matt & Kelsey’s Wedding | Corsicana,TX | Complete Weddings + Events

Matt & Kelsey’s wedding was  a blast to Photograph at a beautiful residence in Corsicana, TX!  COMPLETE weddings + events DFW wishes the two of you many years of happiness to come!

Dallas couple, Lakeside Wedding , Completedfw
Dallas couple, Lakeside Wedding , Completedfw
Dallas couple, Lakeside Wedding , Completedfw
Dallas couple, Lakeside Wedding , Completedfw
Dallas couple, Lakeside Wedding , Completedfw
Dallas couple, Lakeside Wedding , Completedfw
Dallas couple, Lakeside Wedding , Completedfw

Complete Weddings + Events Dallas

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